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What We Do

We conceive and develop  self sustaining ,  long term  final disposal solution projects  for the  fresh Municipal Solid Waste ( MSW or Waste )  generated in the Western Province of  Sri Lanka.

The Waste disposal Problem in the Western Province of Sri Lanka

Many of the Asian and some of the developing countries are facing severe problems of managing municipal wastes. There are number of reasons for not been able to dispose wastes safety. Largely, the problems lie in inadequate capacity to select and deal with the suitable technologies that can satisfy and meet the requirements of socio-economic and political needs.  

In Sri Lanka the Municipalities are not equipped for  payment of high tipping fees or gate fees or  to have private waste disposal operators take care of the management of final disposals. So far in Sri Lanka waste is  simply  dumped  on plots of  Government land or Municipal land and over the years these  lands have  become  “official “dump site.

Over the years the Municipalities and Local Authorities in the Colombo district and in some areas of the Western Province have attempted to construct modern engineered landfills.  To date all such new landfill projects failed in getting social acceptance. In most cases the failure of a project is realized several years after planning and commenced and during the time lost hundreds of thousands of tons of waste have been dumped and it will remain at that dumped location for all time.